Balinese Stone

Use Balinese Stone Cladding to create a back yard oasis the feeling of living in a Southeast Asian Country,  it’s authentic finishing and perfect colour schemes Balinese Stone cladding is man made making it light weight, easy to install perfect for any back drop.

Available in flat pieces at 200mm in length and 50mm in height, Balinese Stone is versatile and will fit into most interior or exterior designs! The Elongated and neat cut of this stone can be laid close together to give a smooth and elegant finish to any design!

Please note: longer waiting times apply when ordering this item call us today  07 3268 3066!

Balinese Stone Cladding

Golden Pine CSI-101

Balinese Stone Cladding

Mount Uluru CSI-102

Balinese Stone Cladding

Earl Grey CSI-103


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