Cottage Bricks

Cottage Bricks are a light weight man made brick with a sharper edge and longer profile replicate the highly refine looks of bricks. These light weight bricks have fine hairlines and deep wire cut marks on each brick captures the beauty of a traditional hand crafted brick which cannot be replicated by modern machine made bricks!

In today modern society most of us are turning to smaller maintenance free accommodation so in those small garden courtyard add a wall of cottage bricks and some lanterns to create a real storybook garden maybe even a fire place. To bring this look indoors build a modern island bench with cottage brick ends or a kitchen wall with shelving for those special kitchen displays. 

Cottage bricks are 10mm in thickness, 600mm in height and 210mm in length, with modular’s of this size these light weight bricks  can be installed anywhere giving you the look and feel of cottage style living with smoother finishing and the appeal of a rustic cottage brick wall. 

Simular to this range we also have Old Used bricks click here.

Please note: Longer waiting times apply! For more info call our office on 07 3268 3066!

Cottage Bricks

Teal CSI-901

Cottage Bricks

Cabernet CSI-902

Cottage Bricks

Austin CSI-903

Cottage Bricks California CSI-905

California CSI-905

Cottage Bricks

Manhattan CSI-906

Cottage Brick

Persian Red CSI-908

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