Craftstone Cladding

Craftstone Cladding is a Practical Option


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Stone cladding is the process of applying layers of clad stones on a building’s exterior to achieve a nice and classic effect. It is worth noting that cladding stones can also be applied on materials other than stone, such as steel and concrete. If you are looking for stone cladding materials, then you can greatly benefit from Craftstone cladding. A lot of home owners use Craftstone Cladding to add to the elegance of their homes.

Craftstone cladding stones offer more than aesthetics, as they are also very practical options for homes and commercial structures. Since these materials are mixed with a water-repellent mixture, you can be assured that it is not as easily prone to water damage, unlike other types of materials. It is also non-combustible so you don’t have to worry about fire spreading in your home should it catch fire. This will significantly lessen the potential damage of a fire in your home. This is perhaps why a lot of home owners prefer Craftstone Cladding compared to other kinds of cladding stones.

If you are looking for practicality and aesthetics when it comes to the materials that you use for your home, Craftstone Cladding definitely offers a good option. Stone cladding installation is relatively easy; all you need is fiber cement sheeting, a waterproof barrier, metal mesh and a scratch coat. If you want the job to be done faster, then it is best to hire the services of a contractor. Even if your house is not made entirely from stone, you can achieve a stone home effect with Craftstone Cladding. Since using stone entirely can be very expensive, it is not a practical option.

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