Old Used Bricks

Craftfstone’s New range of Old Used Bricks which has captured and reveals the look of bricks hidden within a plastered wall. If your looking for a retro wow factor in your cafe, kitchen or fitting out a new shop front this range of bricks is what your looking for. With a coarse finish and cement stain on each brick which has been deliberately made to convey a image of run down buildings. With standard modules being 6cm in height, 20cm in length and 1.5cm in thickness they are perfect for those tight little spots that need a bit of the wow factor.

Among the oldest and most widely used building materials, clay bricks offer natural and lasting earthly tones. The unique and natural style of CraftBrick Cobbler Brick and Rock-Face Bricks display some of the most delicate features of burnt clay.
Each brick is designed and manufactured from the finest clay and burnt to perfection.




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