1. Is this stone real?

CraftStone® products are manufactured stones with the advantages of being lightweight and easy to install.

2. What are CraftStone® products made of?

CraftStone® products are cast in latex molds taken from carefully selected natural stone.  Each colour and texture uses its own blend of Portland cement, Pumice, and iron oxide pigments.  Even on close examination these manufactured stones look and feel just like the originals.

3. How are CraftStone® products sold?

CraftStone® products are produced both for flat walls and corners. Flat & Corner pieces are sold by the box.  Capstone pieces and trim products are sold by the piece.

4. How heavy are CraftStone® products?

CraftStone® products weigh approximately 33-45kilos per square metre.

5. How will CraftStone® products weather?

Colours become an integral part of CraftStone® products during the casting process.  Existing applications show no undesirable change in colour after years of weathering in various climatic exposures.  CraftStone® is extensively used through Canada and the USA in the snowfields and withstands the wind, snow, rain and hail, as well as withstanding the heat around fireplaces.  (CraftStone® products are made of non-combustible material).

6. Does the colour go all the way through?

Base colour is blended throughout the entire product.  Colour overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the casting process.

7. Will the same stone appear repeatedly on a wall/project?

CraftStone® products are cast from thousands of individual molds essentially eliminating repetition. In addition to further eliminate the possibility of repetition, each stone is individually coloured, and hence no two stones will have the same colouring.

8. To what kind of surface can CraftStone® be installed?

CraftStone® may be applied over any properly prepared clean, untreated, structurally sound wall surfaces such as wood, wallboard, masonry, metal, brick…almost any material.

9. How are Craft Stone® products adhered to surfaces?

CraftStone® products are installed using regular cement mortar over a properly prepared substrate.  See CraftStone® Installation Instructions or visit our website at www.craftstoneoz.com.au for more details.

10.Can CraftStone® products be used on both exterior and interior projects?

Yes. CraftStone® products are suitable for both, and allow you to bring the outdoors inside, emphasizing deign and continuity in colour and texture.

11. Can CraftStone® products be used on walkways, patios or water features?

It is not recommended for CraftStone® to be used on walkways and patios.  CraftStone® looks fantastic when used as a garden wall feature, fence, around the BBQ etc.  CraftStone® can be used in water features, however,you may have moss and algae issues.  We don’t recommend using CraftStone® where there is chlorinated water as the chlorine will dis-colour the iron oxide pigments in the stone.

12. Should the mortar be coloured?

CraftStone® product applications are enhanced when mortar is tinted to compliment the stone colour.

13. Can CraftStone® products be cut?

Yes, CraftStone® products are easily cut using a hatchet or wide-mouth nippers, or with a masonry blade used with a circular or masonry saw.

14. How many product types are available?

CraftStone® products provide the largest variety of colours and textures available in the manufactured stone line. There are 19 textures available in over 80 colours.

15. What is the average thickness of  CraftStone® products?

The average thickness of CraftStone® products is 4.5 cm.

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