Quarry Stone

The rugged look of Quarry Stone complements any environment. Stones like this were utilized by mankind to build some of the first homes in early civilization, Craftstone’s Quarry range  has been remodeled to suit today‚Äôs architectural designs.

The advantages when selecting this stone is the corner profiles, the rich palette of colours,  the ability to choose one of  two looks as pictured below. One by installing the stones hard against each other or with a grout line, both methods compliment the Quarry Stone range once installed you can achieve a remarkably natural look click here to see completed projects using this fantastic profile!


Quarry Stone Cabernet

Cabernet (CSI-082)

Quarry Stone Merlot

Merlot (CSI-083)

Quarry Stone Matador

Matador (CSI-086)



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