Stacked Ledgestone

Cast and manufactured from actual dry Stacked Ledgestone, these stones are hand picked to capture natures creation. Stacked stone is for those who only settle for the real thing, offering an extensive palette of colours and corner profiles Stacked Ledgestone gives you the ability to create a lasting appeal. Using this profile around Pillars, BBQ’s, fences and feature walls including water features will turn any design into a master piece.  Their are some fantastic idea’s in our project gallery click here.

Stacked Ledgestone is created in cast latex molds from carefully selected natural stone. Each colour and texture has it’s own blend of Portland cement, Pumice and iron oxide pigments. Manufactured stone look and feels just like the originals.


CSI – 069

CSI – 068


Stacked Ledgestone

CSI – 063

CSI – 065

CSI – 066

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