Stacked Ledgestone

Stacked Ledgestone Brisbane is for those who only settle for the real thing, the Stacked Ledgestone Brisbane series will not fail to disappoint you when used in any application. Cast and manufactured from actual dry stacked ledgestones, these stones are hand picked and trimmed to replicate natures creation. Stacked Ledgestone ranges from 25 mm to 152 mm in height and 76 mm to 508 mm in length, stacked ledgestones straight and angular edges makes laying the stone quick and easy. To see the already stocked ranged Click Here!

Please note that these order items have a longer waiting time! For more info call our office on 32683066!

Stacked Ledgestone Brisbane Sunset

CSI-061 Sunset

Stacked Ledgestone Brisbane Caramel

CSI-062 Caramel

Stacked Ledgestone Brisbane Sahara Sand

CSI-067 Sahara Sand


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